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The Ingersoll Rand low pressure blower covers a wide range of types and sizes, ranging from small bi-lobe and tri-lobe roots blowers to large multi-stage centrifugal blowers.

Having been distributors of Ingersoll Rand compressed air equipment for almost 40 years, in 2010 RD Dutta & Co. P. Ltd. were also officially appointed as distributors for the low pressure blower range. This makes the RD Dutta & Co. P. Ltd. engineering skills, workshops and regional storage facilities available to both the Compressed Air and Low Pressure users within the UK.

The close working partnership of Ingersoll Rand and RD Dutta & Co. P. Ltd. now brings low pressure systems design capability and direct replacements for Hibon and Hick Hargeaves blowers to local distribution centres throughout the UK.

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SilentFlow - Blower Packages

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The SilentFlow range is made up of a group of rotary lobe blowers designed to circulate air or neutral gases in a non-hazardous environment. It incorporates recent requirements of EPD (European Pressure Directive) and CE safety issues.


  • Energy (Thermal or nuclear power plants, Gas desulfurisation, Biogas recovery, Combustion air Centralised cleaning)
  • Environment (Water treatment, Soil remediation)
  • Food industries (Pneumatic conveying, Fluidisation, Homogeneisation)
  • Organics chemicals , Petrochemicals industries.
  • Glass-works, cement-works and plaster-works

Key Features

  • Flows from 15 m3/h (9 cfm) to 9 000 m3/h (5294 cfm)
  • For air and neutral gases
  • Differential pressure to 1 bar (14.5 psig) gauge
  • Vacuum to 500 mbar abs (15 “Hg)
  • Minimum footprint.
  • Easy filter and oil changes.
  • New ergonomic and compact design.
  • High noise attenuation.
  • Automatic belt tensioning system.
  • Enclosure developed to meet stringent noise levels.
  • Forced ventilation by motorized fan unit.
  • Extended range giving optimum blower package selection capability for any duty.
  • Package totally CE safety compliant.
  • Silencers EPD compliant (European Pressure Directive).
HCS - Oil Free Screw

Download HCS - Oil Free Screw

Dry Screw Compressor package for gas compression application in where it is essential to avoid oil contamination of the gas or the system in which it is being used, Ingersoll Rand have a range of rotary screw compressors designed to produce “Oil free“ air. This product is particularly used in pneumatic conveying systems where product contamination can be expensive. These single-stage screw compressor sets are produced as standard units and are suitably customised with an extensive range of accessories plus optional configurations which can provide customised solutions.


  • Pneumatic conveying of cement, fly ash or any other type of bulk material
  • Waste water treatment, deep aeration basins and ozone generators
  • Filter cleaning, mining and steel industries
  • Fluidization
  • Flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) oxidation air
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Vacuum handling systems in the paper industry and glass manufacturing process
  • Pressurisation of ballasts

Key Features

  • Flows to 8 500 m3/h (5000 cfm)
  • Pressure to 3, 5 bar (50.75 psig) gauge
  • Vacuum to 350 mbar abs (10.5 “Hg)
  • Air-end manufactured from high grade cast iron directly connected to an integral gear box.
  • Forged steel rotors for constant performance.
  • Calculated tolerances between rotors and body to optimise efficiency.
  • Anti-friction bearings optimised for maximum reliability.
  • Mechanically driven oil pump from main shaft with integral oil tank and external oil/air heat exchanger.
  • Complete packages including accessories and control system.
V-Centrif Blower Package

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The new Ingersoll Rand HIBON V-CENTRIF model combined with the synchronous motor technology and variable speed drive have significantly better efficiencies throughout the speed range for quantifiable energy savings.


Key Features

  • Quantifiable energy savings
  • Compact innovative design
  • Reduced noise levels without acoustic enslosure
  • Installation costs are reduced
  • Increased reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fewer accessories required
VP - High Vacuum Package

Download VP - High Vacuum Package

High vacuum without water or oil sealing Hibon air injection positive displacement blower package “VP” are the only dry blowers capable of attaining 28" Hg vacuum/93% vacuum.

They are self-cooling, requiring no vacuum relief valve and are designed for continuous industrial use 24 hours a day. The self-cooling design enables warm gases handling and eliminates or reduces the need for pre-cooling. Theses blowers are very efficient for vacuuming a large variety of products, wet or dry.

Key Features

  • Green solution
    To obtain vacuum in centralised cleaning systems, pneumatic conveying, drying of products, or holding application, with neither oil, nor water consumption, this package is ideally suited.
  • Performance
    Designed for industrial used in continuous 24h/24h, VP Packages are the only dry air cooled solution capable to reach the 28”Hg vacuum / 92% vacuum with limited heat increase.
  • Adaptability
    VP package offers a wide range of possibilities with regard to the intake flow rates, auto-adaptation to the customer’s system and temperature.
  • Reliability
    The air injection ensures the self cooling of the blower without auxiliary fluid. It can run accidently with a closed inlet, without affecting your process.