Rail Systems

Enclosed rail forms the backbone of any material handling system. Ingersoll Rand offers five enclosed rail profiles in lightweight aluminum and durable steel.

The enclosed rail design reduces the accumulation of dirt and grime on the internal running surfaces, thus reducing rolling effort. These enclosed track profiles feature lightweight, precision running surfaces with less than 1% rolling resistance.

All the accessories, such as hanger kits, end trucks, trolleys, safety cables, and end stops, are provided to construct a complete ceiling supported or freestanding workstation crane system. The entire system is easily bolted together and requires no welding to assemble.

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Ceiling Supported Workstation Cranes

Download     Ceiling Supported Workstation Cranes

Ingersoll Rand offers ceiling supported workstation cranes with spans up to 30 ft (9 m) and capacities up to 3000 lb (1360 kg). Ceiling supported workstation cranes utilize rugged steel or lightweight aluminum enclosed track rail in one of five profiles. Ingersoll Rand's premium articulating bridge crane design reduces the force required to position the load.

Key Features

  • Flexible Mounting : Mounts parallel or perpendicular to overhead support steel. Assorted hanger kit styles available to attach to I-Beam, C-Channel, angle iron, and other steel shapes.
  • Saves Space : Ceiling supported design eliminates the need for added columns, meaning less obstructions in the work area
  • Articulating End Trucks : Articulating design maximizes the ability of the operator to precisely position the load. Reduces operator fatigue by allowing the operator to move only the portion of the bridge crane near the load.
  • Minimal Rolling Resistance : Advanced trolley design with injection molded Delrin wheels reduces rolling resistance to 1% of the load


Product Certifications & Design Standards

  • MMA Certified : Meets ANSI MH27.2 Specifications for Enclosed Track Underhung Cranes and Monorail Systems



Free Standing Workstation Cranes

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Ingersoll Rand offers both standard and custom free standing workstation cranes. Standard systems have the option of 10 ft (3 m), 12 ft (3.7 m), or 14 ft (4.3 m) underclearance, and range in size from small 10 ft (3 m) runway systems with 5 ft (1.5 m) bridges and 500 lb (227 kg) capacity to large 105 ft (32 m) runway systems with 21 ft (6 m) bridges and 2000 lb (907 kg) capacity. These systems allow for the placement of workstation rail systems independent of existing overhead structural steel.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Design : Lindapter® adjustable toe clamps make it simple to align runways for smooth operation
  • Rugged Construction : Rugged design with powder coated finish for industrial environments
  • Easy Installation : Easily mounts to most 6 in (152 mm) concrete floors, requires no ceiling or wall support/bracing
  • Engineered Designs Available : Custom-designed structures available to meet special applications
Monorail Systems

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Ingersoll Rand Monorail systems utilize the same profiles and components as workstation cranes. Monorails are typically used for single-axis transfer applications in small areas. Curved rail sections are available for navigating obstructions.

Key Features

  • Offers all the same features available with our workstation cranes


Rail Profiles

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Our aluminum rail profiles are extruded from 6063-T6 and anodized for a smooth, clean, corrosive-free surface. The aluminum rail is lightweight, and available in 3 profiles (ZRAT, ZRA1, ZRA2) up to spans of 30 ft (9 m). Our steel rail profiles are rolled from 9 guage, A569 hot-rolled steel and powder coated for appearance and a corrosive-free surface. The steel rail is rugged and economical, and available in 2 profiles (ZRS2, ZRS3) in spans up to 24 ft (7 m). For increased spans and capacities our ZRS2, ZRS3 and ZRA2 profiles are available with strongbacking.

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum : ZRAT, ZRA1, and ZRA2 offer lightweight aluminum construction with a clear anodized finish
  • Rugged steel : ZRS2 and ZRS3 offer hot-rolled steel construction with a powder coated finish
Air & Electrification Supply

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Ingersoll-Rand offers both air and electrical power supply kits. Air supply kits are available in both 3/8” and ½”. Kits are available with a filter/regulator for use with Balancers and manipulator systems. We also supply air supply kits without filter/regulator for use with oil-based pneumatic systems such as hoists and tractor drives. The air supply assembly keeps coil hose and electrical supply in place and allows for the complete utilization of the bridge and runway system. The electrical supply kits are available to supplement virtually any type of electrical equipment. Insul-8 electrification systems are available

Key Features

  • Air Supply Kits : -Available in 3/8" and 1/2" to fit application needs
    -Includes filter regulator to ensure clean, regulated air supply
    -Provides complete utilization of the bridge and runway
  • Electrical Supply Kits : -Available with or without flat conductor cable
    -Secured to rail system eliminating interference with operator
Rail System Components

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Ingersoll Rand Rail Systems consist of hanger kits, rails, end stops, splice kits, end trucks, and trolleys. These components can be configured to meet a vast array of application needs. This flexibility means you don't have to sacrifice functionality, which is common with pre-packaged workstation cranes.

Key Features

  • Load Ratings : Load ratings are clearly marked on both sides of the bridge crane
  • Safety Cables : Safety cables come standard for all hanger kit and end truck connections providing redundant safety
  • High-strength bodies : Our trolley and end truck bodies are made from high-strength, lightweight Aluminum Magnesium castings
  • Wheels and guide rollers : The combination of sealed precision bearings and Delrin wheels makes for a high strength, smooth, and virtually wear-free operation
  • Safety Lug : Prevents the body of the trolley from being pulled through the enclosed track rail
  • Fits competitive track : Ingersoll Rand builds trolleys and end trucks to fit virtually every manufacturer’s enclosed track rail system
  • Additional accessories : Ingersoll Rand offers a wide range of rail system accessories allowing you to tailor the system to your exact needs