A tractor is just what the name implies. It is a motorized, in our case air powered, device designed primarily to push, pull or position a load that is suspended from a trolley on a beam. Completely independent, however, tractors can be used to push, pull or position just about anything that rolls, whether suspended or on the ground. They are particularly useful to negotiate tight curves and can even be run upside down.

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MTK Series Air Driven Tractor

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6 metric ton towing Capacity

The MTK series air driven tractor is based on the reliable MLK air chain hoist design and is capable of pushing, pulling or positioning loads on beams up to 6 metric ton. It uses a polyurethane wheel with excellent gripping characteristics to drive on the underside of the beam. It can be used with any hoist. It comes with 7 ft of live air pendent control and a universal tow bar.


Key Features

  • Up to 6 metric ton towing capacity.
  • Interchangeability with MLK and HLK parts.
  • Balanced gear package and air motor provides a range of speed from slow creep to 165 fpm.
  • Million cycle performance tested air motor with spring-loaded vanes provides instant starting and slow speed control.
  • Heat treated planetary gearing assures longer life and reduced maintenance.
  • Self-adjusting, spring applied, nonasbestos disc brake is air released for smooth starts and stops.
  • Drive tire is made from extremely durable polyurethane material with a temperature rating of 185-degrees F providing excellent "adjustable"gripping characteristics for positive traction.
  • Tight turning radius of 30 in.
  • "Universal" solid cast iron wheels will fit both flat and tapered beams.
  • Wheels are greasable for longer life.
  • Standard tractor fits beam flange width of 2-21/32 - 6-1/4 in.
  • Roller guides made from high alloy steel keep tractor running smoothly.
  • Tractor operates with a full flow (live air) pendent enhancing load spotting control.
  • 7 ft pendent length is standard.
  • Tow bar included with tractor.
Model Capacity/metric tons curved, slick, poor Capacity/metric tons flat, dry good Max speed fpm Turning radius in. Pendent length (ft) Beam flange width (in.) standard Beam flange width (in.) optional
0 Drawbar pull (lbs) 0 0 165 30 7 2-21/32 - 6-1/4 6-17/64 - 12
100 Drawbar pull (lbs) 3/4 1-1/2 117 30 7 2-21/32 - 6-1/4 6-17/64 - 12
200 Drawbar pull (lbs) 1-1/2 3 86 30 7 2-21/32 - 6-1/4 6-17/64 - 12
300 Drawbar pull (lbs) 2-1/4 4-1/4 57 30 7 2-21/32 - 6-1/4 6-17/64 - 12
400 Drawbar pull (lbs) 3 6 21 30 7 2-21/32 - 6-1/4 6-17/64 - 12